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Do your prospects really believe what you're telling them?

(Then why aren’t they acting like it?)

What do your prospects believe about you? Do they believe you can make their lives easier or better? Do they believe you'll deliver on your promises? Do they believe you'll meet their expectations? And most importantly, do they believe they'll get the results they're hoping for?

The answer you want to hear, of course, is yes. But not just any yes. You want an eager, whole-hearted, can't-wait-another-minute gotta-have-it kind of yes. But most of all, you want your prospects to act.

As you may have discovered, writing copy that compels your prospect to act is harder than it looks. It takes extraordinary writing skills, and a special understanding of how the human mind works. Maybe, in your business, that type of copy is in short supply. Maybe you're not even sure what it looks like. Let me sketch you a quick picture …

Imagine a message so compelling that it instantly – and intimately – connects with your prospect on a deep emotional level. Copy so engaging that it makes him pay close attention … involves him enthusiastically in your value proposition … and moves him to take the next step in the relationship. Here's what one of my clients had to say about the connection I helped her make with her prospects:

"I want you to know how effectively you transformed the business flyer I'd been using for years. The first prospect who looked at it didn't just smile and politely tuck it away. Instead, she read the whole first section right on the spot and then asked me to provide a proposal for her company's telecommunications services."

Christiane Carlson-Thies, Owner
Preference Communications

Using time tested, proven techniques, I build an irresistible case for your products or services – for those who are qualified prospects, with a real need and a real desire to buy. Choosing just the right words, I remove every obstacle that stands between your prospect and the yes. Most of all, I move your prospect to decisive action – to call you, to request more information, or to place an order.

But please – take note! I'm particular about the copywriting assignments I take on. I'm a natural-born skeptic. (That's good news for you, actually. If I can't believe in your product or service, I can't convince your prospects to, either.) I won't take on assignments that promote gambling, snake oil, get-rich-quick schemes, or products and services of dubious value.

But when I do take on an assignment, you can rest assured that I'll do everything in my power to deliver results you'll be tickled pink over … like the internet sales letter I wrote for this company:

"What can you say about someone who delivers on time, on budget, and produces killer ad copy that produces a 30% jump in sales? Except, thank you, thank you, thank you! I am grateful every time I hear the cash register ring!"

Adam Hewison, President
INO.com, Inc.

You know, when it comes to copy, it doesn't matter what you meant to say. It only matters what the other guy believes you meant. I make sure they're the same thing. The result? More qualified prospects who become happy customers.

If you want your marketing materials to compel your prospect to action – and increase your bottom line – then contact me today. To take the first step in turning more prospects into customers, fill out this form. Or if you prefer, simply pick up the phone and call me.

Eileen Coale
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